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Online motor finance success by design

Oct 26, 2016

Getting your onscreen design right can mean a threefold increase in the effectiveness of your online motor finance proposition - that’s why iVendi has created a new post to promote the importance of this crucial area.

Steve Lewis, who has been with iVendi since 2014, will be providing design help and advice to dealers, media companies, motor finance providers, car portals and others.

He said: “Full, end-to-end online motor finance is a relatively recent innovation, so we are still learning all the time about what works well in different circumstances.”

“However, one central fact is now well-proven - the difference in the number of call-to-actions created on a page can be improved threefold by more appropriate design.

“Some of this simple – placing the offer ‘above the fold’ is crucial – but there are a range of other effective strategies that can be used.”

“What has become clear to us is that onscreen design is of central importance when it comes to ensuring that you are making the most of online motor finance.”

Over the last two years, Steve added, the increasing dominance of smartphones and tablets as the main methods of online access had added a further level of complication.

“At iVendi, we now have a mobile-first development policy that places smartphones and tablets at the heart of everything we do. In late 2016, if your motor finance offering doesn’t work well on mobile, you are restricting its effectiveness.”

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