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New generation iVendi Platform “brings best of the internet into the showroom”

Jan 06, 2016

The latest generation of the iVendi Platform – launched this week - is designed to “bring the best of the internet into the showroom.”

It builds on previous, successful versions of the product, which were designed to provide a single point through which all dealer online motor finance activities could be managed, by also including sophisticated showroom finance options.

The key innovation is a new in-showroom finance comparator which is designed to be used alongside existing elements of the Platform including the Quoteware finance quote generator and Car Finance Checker finance comparator – products to which more than 6,000 dealers throughout the UK are now connected.

James Tew, CEO at iVendi, explained: “The comparator included in the latest generation of the platform is designed to bring all of the advantages of an online motor finance offering into a real world sales environment.

“As part of the showroom process, the sales person can sit down with the customer and use the comparator to look at a range of different finance products and offerings for those with varying risk appetites.

“It provides a very structured, convenient and FCA-compliant way of presenting motor finance and is so intuitive that the sales person can even leave the customer to decide on their own preferred finance solutions.”

James said he believed that the development of online motor finance had outstripped showroom systems over the last two years, and that the new iVendi Platform would finally bring the two different types of offering into line.

“We believe that this is a genuine innovation. It is certainly a much more effective and intuitive way to handle motor finance than a traditional showroom system.”

Other innovations in the iVendi Platform mean that it will automatically aggregate all types of online and showroom enquiries against a prospective customer and record all the quotations presented against each vehicle. It also integrates with all of the major dealer web site providers and leading motor finance lenders.

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