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How to watch the entire customer journey online

Jul 11, 2016

In the last few months, we have introduced tools that can monitor the customer from first web site visit all the way through to their motor finance application being finally approved and the car delivered.

James Tew, CEO, explained: “This is an exciting development and provides a hitherto unavailable view of the ways in which customers behave both individually and as a group.

“Dealers have always been able to see certain aspects of customer behaviour but we are now in a situation where some of the missing links of the journey have been completed and we can produce a comprehensive picture.

“Within one screen, dealers can look at all the key points in the customer journey. This is something that has definite value both in terms of meeting the needs of individuals and groups of customers.

“And, by doing this, of course, dealers will be able to drive profitability forward.”

James added that advanced tools such as this were playing an important role in the move towards dealers offering a complete online vehicle buying.

“Our view is that the future lies in a mix of analogue and digital car buying with many customers switching between the two as part of a single purchase.

“However, what we can now say with certainty is that the technological backbone for a completely online sales process now exists in its entirety for customers who want to purchase a vehicle in this way.”

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