Finding the right car for you


Finding the right car for you

An integrated motor finance lead generation solution offers dealers the ability to add iVendi’s Quoteware and Car Finance Checker tools to their used vehicle adverts. With the majority of consumers now carrying out their research online, presenting finance offers to consumers at this stage in their research journey is of vital importance. This ultimately will help you increase vehicle sales, finance penetration and ultimately profitability.

What is Quoteware?

Fully interactive finance quotations can be displayed with each dealer’s used vehicle adverts. Up to two finance products can be displayed from HP/Conditional Sale, Balloon HP or PCP. Dealers can choose the rates displayed and position motor finance as the ideal method of funding for its customers.

The service allows consumers to configure their preferred finance deal, watch a range of animated finance product videos and enquire online. are offering this product as a no cost upgrade.

What is CarFinanceChecker?

As an upgrade, dealers can add iVendi’s unique motor finance product comparison, credit profiling, lead generator solution - Car Finance Checker, to their adverts. Once added, consumers will be able to check their eligibility from a comprehensive range of products offered by the dealer. In return, dealers will receive highly qualified credit checked and profiled leads. Car Finance Checker is proven in delivering results, with dealer’s achieving conversion rates from ‘leads to sale’ of up to 56%.

Dealers can manage finance leads from through iVendi’s fully responsive platform, designed for desktop, mobile or tablet use. For dealers who are already an iVendi client there will be a seamless transition between and the dealer’s website - providing an enhanced consumer experience.

Product comparison, credit profiling, lead generator solution

Generating up to 60% more web leads
Up to 77% are creditworthy prospects
10% - 56% Leads convert to a sale

How do I get the products added?

You can contact either iVendi or to ask for the products to be added. You can use the enquiry form or live chat feature on this site and we’ll handle everything for you.

What’s the set up process?

The process is very straightforward. After you’ve registered your interest we'll work with you and to get you set up as quickly as possible. We’ll need you to provide some simple details and agree to our terms of service.

How much does it cost? will fund the addition of Quoteware to your used vehicle adverts, so there is no additional charge on top of your usual fees.

Should you choose to add Car Finance Checker then you’ll only be charged £25 per lead. With a conversation rate of one in two achieved by some dealers using Car Finance Checker, this delivers a great ROI.

Register your interest

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