The latest news from iVendi and the industry


The latest news from iVendi and the industry

More profiling will help dealers target customers, says iVendi

Fri, 15/03/2019

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Technology starting to become available will help dealers to target customers more exactly through better profiling, says iVendi.

The online motor retail market leader says that especially around online searches, there is considerable potential for matching customers and the vehicle they want.

Rob Severs, VP Data and Insight, said: “Profiling potentially allows you to match customer to vehicle and finance through online activity more quickly and with greater accuracy.

“There are two main types becoming available. The first looks at a user’s past activity. If you know someone has been searching for a specific model of hatchback, priced between £7000-8000, aged less than three years old, having covered  around 15,000 miles, with a finance deal showing payment range between £140-160 per month and a deposit of £500, you can provide them with options from your stock.

“The second reverses that process, essentially, using data gathered over time. It works by looking at a dealer’s used vehicle stock and suggesting the profile of a prospective customer. This will include factors such as gender, age, marital status, residency type, dependents, occupation and income. It can even drill down to profiling customer types on a derivative basis so identifying the difference between purchasers of a five seater versus seven seater of the same model.”

Rob said that both these types of profiling enabled car retailers to create an online retail journey to them that fits each customer’s specific needs more exactly.

“It’s about using the information you know about a customer to potentially target their requirements more accurately at an earlier stage in the process increasing your chances of making a sale by meeting their needs more efficiently.”

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