The latest news from iVendi and the industry


The latest news from iVendi and the industry

How technology can save on showroom time

Thu, 26/07/2018

James Tew

Dealers are increasingly using digital tools to minimise the amount of time that car buyers need to spend in the showroom, according to a trend identified by iVendi.

In order to reduce the amount of “desk time” that is required to take a customer through the details of a deal, they are increasingly being given the option by some dealers of completing as much of the process as possible online.

James Tew, CEO, said: “Anyone who has bought a car knows that, once you have chosen the vehicle you want, a lengthy session sitting with the sales person is likely to follow, taking you through everything from basics such as your personal details, through to the part exchange, finance and value-added products.

“It’s a way of doing business that customers find long-winded and time-consuming and, from a dealer point of view, ties up a member of staff for hours, sometimes. It is simply not very efficient and, often, not very effective – by the time you are halfway through, the customer is frequently bored and just wants to leave.

“What online processes allow to happen is for this process to be simplified. If the customer is given the choice to go through some of its key elements online in an effective manner, then it potentially works well for everyone.”

James said that this approach, if correctly applied, was likely to lead to increased penetration of motor finance and value-added products.

“No-one much likes buying finance on a face-to-face basis. Giving the customer the option of using online tools such as finance calculators and pre-qualifiers, means that these products can be browsed online in the customer’s own time.

“This can be done before they reach the showroom or, in some cases, dealers hand a tablet to the car buyer and let them do it in the showroom, which is an approach that can be surprisingly effective. In these situations, finance sales often increase.

“The same applies to value-added products like warranties and service plans as well as part exchange, although the online tools for delivering these are not yet as advanced, and it is in area in which we are currently placing a great deal of effort.”

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