Provide choice

Allow consumers to search by a monthly payment and easily compare finance deals and product types from one or more lenders.

Establish suitability

Take a transparent approach to the sale of credit. Our pre-qualification process assesses and stores each consumer’s suitability against their chosen finance product.

Convert and manage

Consumers can easily apply online directly from the calculator and appear as sales leads in an easy to use lead management system.

Plug-in finance comparator

Our JavaScript plug-in widget can be simply embedded into your vehicle adverts on your website, providing a consistent display of financial promotions that works across all major browsers and different devices. The solution can be themed to match your brand and is highly configurable.

media companies

Simple integration

We support over 200 media companies with the implementation of finance quoting. Some media companies have also implemented our Quoteware API which enables the solution to be used in different ways.

Our highly configurable Payment Search API allows your users to find vehicles by monthly payment, helping consumers to work to their budgets and find the most affordable deals.

Why partner with iVendi?

We deliver solutions essiential to your business

Digital reports

Our Digital Reporting Suite will provide you with month on month analytics of your finance activity. The report will give you greater insight into user activity and highlight the levels of engagement, time of activity and popularity of products.


You're in control of the financial promotions available on your website. You'll be given a dedicated Account Manager who will be available to provide advice, best practices and the ability to modify your configuration.


Built with compliance and data security at it’s core, you'll be given the ability to easily demonstrate how you promote finance on your website. Offering multiple products from numerous lenders further shows transparency and engenders more trust with your customers.

Continuous improvement

Our Data & UX teams continuously monitor activity and conversion rates for your business and will work to improve the consumer experience and provide you with as many high quality leads as possible.


See what other retailers think of our platform

“Our experience with iVendi has been overwhelmingly positive. The product does what it says by delivering additional sales opportunities, while dealing with the company is very straightforward. iVendi’s products are good and clearly created by experts who understand used car retailing. Their support is quick to respond with excellent results."
Angela LoganBridgend Motor Group, Independent used car retailer
“We like working with iVendi because they provide everything we need to offer multi-lender online quotations from one source and one system. There is a high level of account management, training and nurturing provided and this helps us achieve what we are looking for – better customer service, higher finance penetration and more sales.”
Gordon VealeCarBase, Car supermarket
“iVendi’s ability to increase finance and overall vehicle sales penetration, is one of iVendi’s core business successes. They identify the key pain-points in the financing journey and have built solutions to help their clients overcome them. Working with iVendi provides a more transparent and accessible financing journey for our customers, meeting and exceeding the standards of other leading consumer retail sites to allow the user to search on their own terms, rather than us asking them to do all of the hard work.“
Jonny EvansVauxhall Motors, Manufacturer
“iVendi support has been a noticeably strong aspect of the iVendi experience. Working with them has been easy and any issues are quickly rectified. Car Finance Checker has worked exactly as we hoped, with an increase in finance leads prompting an improvement in overall used car sales.”
John PlimmerJ&J Motors Group, Independent retailer
“We were looking for a trusted partner to work with us not only to supply a tool for our website but also to help us identify future opportunities. There are high levels of engagement and we see quality lead generation with iVendi’s products. They’re easy to use and enhance the customer journey and their products evolve with changing business needs.”
Peter HaynesHowards Motor Group

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